How to Actually Start a Campfire

Whenever starting chores in the woods, whether it is starting a fire or simply cooking dinner, a good working knowledge of how to actually start a campfire is very important. Getting the fire going and staying successful with it is a great way to have fun while outdoors. Knowing how to do it correctly will save you from mistakes and help make your outdoor experiences more fun and enjoyable.

ICE. One of the main ingredients to the success of your campfire is the ice. If you are able to get an ice maker going, your campfire will drastically increase in temperature and you will be able to cook with less heavy lifting. These are relatively cheap and can be bought online. The best brands are Akto and Icarus.

These two brands believe that you should be able to use either disposables or hybrid disposables. You will be able to use either one or both depending on your preference. It is a good idea to use disposables because they last longer and you are able to use them anywhere.Hybrid disposables require you to purchase ice packs which can be removed and added to the water source of your ice cooler and then flushed to eliminate the ice.

STORAGE. You will also need to make sure that you have ample space to store your firewood. If you try to place your firewood in a closed container you will be placing your firewood in a low-oxygen environment which will greatly reduce its efficiency. You should store your wood in a way that it doesn’t compete with other items in your camping pack.

TRANSPORTATION. Moving your campfire to the appropriate transportation method is one of the most important aspects of starting a campfire. Discovering the proper technique for flame traveling is a great way to be more successful with your campfire. By using a small amount of kindling along with a small amount of starting with a small pile of kindling in your fire pit, gradually add larger pieces of dry paper, then finally wood.

Starting a campfire is one of the most important elements in outdoor camping. To be able to create a large and hot enough fire you will need to make sure you have the right tinder along with the correct kindling. These two elements must be in perfect conjunction to create a large and long-lasting fire.

corner postThis is a post that will help your campfire to continue growing after you’ve already started to set the fire. The corner post will need to be placed in the center of your fire pit. The posts must be sturdy and you must try to include a hole or vent in the corner post to help contain the fire.

ea build a regular stake with the exact size and you will need to use a hammer to secure it in the ground. Then ignite the tinder beneath the corner post and push the burning wood through the vent.

placing the wood on the bottom now that the fire has been started, you will need to place the fuelwood on the bottom of the fire pit. Push the hot burning wood down and out of the fire pit. It is best to place the fuelwood such that the bottom of the fire pit is still covered and not leaving any exposed areas where it can accidentally touch the fire pit.

adding more wood onto the fire pit once the fire is started, continue to add more wood onto the fire pit. Make sure that the fire is fully extinguished before you leave the area or go to sleep.

removing ashes from fire pit Once the fire is out, remove all of the embers and ashes. This is usually as far away from the fire pit as you can get to prevent any infection from occurring. If you have children with you camping with you, never leave the fire pit unattended.

maintaining the fire pit It is important to clean up after yourself and your children. Always use soap before and during your camping excursions to keep the fire ash away from your clothes and faces. Using warm water and a nylon brush you can easily clean the rocks and soil from the fire pit.

post-wild fire cleaningOnce the area is clean, cover it with dirt or Plants Soap. Using a nylon brush and water, you can easily clean the rocks and dirt away. Remember, soap and water can only take out so much dirt.


Camping with children is a great way to shape their character and teach them to have respect for the natural world. Practice safe camping fire etiquette and have some fun.

Treat the fire pit like a fire begin to ensure others are not enough to ignite the fire.

Keep children away from the fire pit.

Always cover the fire pit with water or a water-filled basin or terrace.

Make sure your fire is completely extinguished before you leave the area or go to sleep.